About the company

Launching the AutoNaut USV
Michael and David launching the prototype AutoNaut from a slipway.

In 2012 David Maclean and Michael Poole came together to develop and market the unique AutoNaut wave propulsion system as an autonomous vessel designed for scientific ocean research, commercial data gathering, and defence applications.  MOST (AV) Ltd was created to do this in 2012 and started trading on 1st January 2013 with a worldwide exclusive licence from the patent holder Eco-nomic Ltd.   In July 2016, the Seiche Group invested in AutoNaut and took a majority stake in the company; and the company changed it’s name to AutoNaut Ltd.

OUR MISSION – is to become the global leader in autonomous wave propelled vessels and allied products, building an unrivalled reputation for robust engineering and electronics, and dedication to looking after our customers.  AutoNaut will stay at the forefront of its unique technology through long term commitment to R&D.

OUR STRATEGY – is to grasp the rare opportunity presented by our disruptive new technology coinciding with a burgeoning world market for autonomous capability.  In particular a market for low cost (relative to manned ships), zero emission, unmanned surface vessels (USVs) able to stay at sea for months and perhaps years and cover huge ocean areas.  This capability creates more cost effective ways to fulfil a wide range of existing customer data gathering missions, and some which have not been possible before.

Customers: to achieve such global leadership the company is establishing a reputation for excellent engineering, reliable mission control design, and customer certainty in our total commitment to meeting their needs.

Investment: we are building the company for the long term and seek investors of like mind.  As well as seeking a major investor, substantial early investment from ‘friends and family’ has been accepted to enable the company to begin to accelerate its commercial potential.

Intellectual Property:  our strategy for IP is strenuously to protect and defend what we have, and at the same time to keep well ahead of the field and run faster through our commitment to our own R&D.

Sales: we aim to maximise sales as quickly as is commensurate with high quality engineering and building a reputation for world class excellence.  We are open to taking on and developing new, relevant products to create a broad based company, where they may reinforce core business.

The range of AutoNaut products we offer, from 1m to at least 5m length, with military and specialist options also includes a choice of ‘business model’ customer options, from outright purchase with or without payloads, through serviced operation of customer owned platforms, to data gathering in our own AutoNauts on behalf of customers.

For us, an essential part of our sales and marketing strategy is to earn and keep a reputation for uncompromising customer support.


Although the AutoNaut technology was first proven in the late 19th century by Herman Linden with his Autonaut, it is only relatively recently anyone thought to design and build a hull specifically for wave propulsion, first by Mike Poole in a private capacity and then by AutoNaut.  This recent work has made good progress but it also highlights the complex nature of the dynamic action between hull and foils.